In addition to table massage, I also provide onsite chair massage for corporate events and employee wellness programs throughout the state of MA. If more than one therapist is needed, I have a group of trusted colleagues that I recruit from. We are all experienced, professional, licensed by the state of MA, and carry liability insurance.   Chair massage is a thoughtful and unique way to show appreciation to your employees or customers!

Benefits of Workplace Chair Massage

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue, and tension headaches which increases mental alertness and job productivity
  • Relieves muscle aches, especially when jobs demand repetitive use of fine or gross motor skills.  Examples: dental hygienist, computer programmer, material handler, electrician 
  • Employees feel acknowledged and appreciated which increases morale
  • Aids in attracting and retaining quality employees

Settings for Chair Massage

  • Employee Open Enrollment/Benefits Fair
  • Employee or customer appreciation day
  • As part of an ongoing employee wellness program
  • Grand opening, product launch, or open house
  • Company retreat/off-site training
  • Stress-busting relief during the "busy season"
  • Fundraising/charity event
  • Sporting event such as a road race or golf tournament

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