What exactly is chair massage?     A massage chair is ergonomically designed and supports the client in a seated, face-down position as shown in the photo on this page.  Chair massage sessions typically last 10-20 minutes, which will be predetermined when booking the service.  Areas of the body treated include full back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms, and hands.  Each client may choose which area(s) they would like work based on their own needs and preferences.

Will I, or the company, be held liable for employee/customer complaints?     No. First, each client will sign a consent form (click here for an example) and are spoken with briefly to ascertain any injuries/illnesses/contraindications so a safe and effective massage can be provided.  Second, each massage therapist is required to have liability insurance which covers up to $2m per occurrence.  Click here for a copy of my policy.  

How much space will be needed?     Not much.  A small space about 4'x4' is all that is needed.  Typically a conference room, empty office or cubicle, break room, lobby, or reception area is used for chair massage.  It is best to select a space away from foot traffic and sounds of voices and ringing phones.

Is chair massage sanitary?     Absolutely.  A clean and disposable cover is used over the face cradle and the entire chair is cleaned and sanitized between each and every client.  The therapists also use hand sanitizer before working on each client.

Will employees/customers need to remove clothing?     No.  The massage is given over clothing.  It is best to remove a suit jacket, or other bulky layer, but that would be it.

Do you use oils during the massage?      No.  Since the massage is given over clothing no oil is needed.  Occasionally an allergy-friendly and fragrance-free lotion is used for hand massage.

Is chair massage affordable?     Yes!  The rate of $80/hour/therapist is a small price to pay for the value that you receive.  If you do not want to pay the full hourly rate, you may choose to share the cost with employees/customers.  We can discuss these options before you make a decision to book. 

What does the fee include?  Are there additional costs?     There are zero additional costs!  The fee includes everything: set-up/break-down, arrival at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time, travel/mileage to and from your office, all sanitizing products and massage supplies, and ambient music.

What is your tipping policy?  Will my employees/customers be expected to tip?     Tips are not accepted.  The rate is fair and reasonable with no hidden costs.  I want your employees/customers to breathe easy and enjoy their massage without being concerned about having cash on hand and how much to tip. 

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