Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.
— Hafiz

Sarah Walker - Licensed massage therapist

My interest in massage began at age 14 during a hospital stay when the night nurse gave me a simple back rub to help ease my anxieties and encourage some much needed sleep.  Many years later I enrolled in massage therapy school, never having forgotten that small but significant experience.  The therapeutic effect of nurturing touch is so profound!

I am a graduate from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, Worcester and also hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I have an enormous love for healthy living which, to me, means providing the mind, heart, and body with plenty of nourishment and support to get out there and accomplish goals both tiny and big!  As a massage therapist, I aim to provide a bit of that needed support to get you to your health goals.    

In my free time, I enjoy being close to nature, working in the garden, trying new creations in the kitchen, training for endurance events and races, and hitting the trails with my husband and our scruffy dog Oliver (who often reminds us to "just let your ears flap")!